Turfgrass Flowers or Weeds?

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Why do I have weeds flowering all over my lawn? This is quite common in the spring when turf grasses produce their flowers. Some may not know that YES, grasses flower too. Your lawn is made up of millions of grass plants. These plants do flower in the spring which make the lawn appear white in color. Each flower is producing seeds for future generations of plants. Although they produce seed, it is unlikely they will reach full maturity to become new grass plants.

Fertilizing and mowing will eventually fix the appearance throughout the lawn. Fertilizing will help the grass grow out and change the color of the lawn. Mowing will remove some of the seed heads. You do not want to lower your mower to remove these because it could damage the lawn.

Read More: https://www.canr.msu.edu/news/when_grass_produces_seedheads