“A FRESH approach to lawn care from the roots up”

Fresh Lawn Care was conceived after the disappointment of contracting with several reputable lawn care companies to service our sister company’s landscape clients.  We needed a company that could communicate, solve lawn issues and deliver the same level of service that we have always delivered to our customers.   With over 20 years in the landscape business we set out to start a lawn care company FRESH FROM THE ROOTS UP.  Our lawn care approach is based on what is right for your client’s lawn, not the bottom line.  We work with our technicians giving them the resources and tools that they need to deliver results.

From the start of Fresh Lawn Care we have experienced exponential growth; the main reason is we care!

As we grow, we are always looking for self-motivated, hardworking and dedicated individuals.  We are giving you the opportunity to begin your career with a young company, where we will value your expertise, passion, ideas and your contribution to help us grow our business and YOUR CAREER!

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