Fresh Lawn Care offers a comprehensive Pest Control Program that is both effective and eco-friendly!

Natural Tick / Mosquito Control Program

More than just an annoyance ticks and mosquitos can transmit diseases to both us and our furry friends. They are mostly found in shady, damp, brushy, wooded, or grassy areas (especially in tall grass or wet areas), including your own backyard. Ticks do not fly or jump. They attach to animals or people that come into direct contact with them. Mosquitoes can also cause a lot more harm than just itching and irritation. There are over 3000 different species just in Massachusetts and many of them can cause serious illness such as West Nile and EEE. However, the good news is that our Tick and Mosquito Program will help reduce their population and help protect you and your family from such harmful diseases. Better yet this program uses all natural ingredients!