Moss Management

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Commonly mistaken as a weed, moss is a plant that does not kill grass.  But it does out compete it.  Moss can out-compete lawns when the conditions are better for moss than for grass. Moss prefers sites that have poor drainage and are shady and damp with acidic soil.

Moss is also not a fungus, as mold is, another common misnomer.  Eradicating moss requires commitment from the landowner with after care from your lawn care provider.  In order to grow grass under shaded or partially shaded conditions, it is necessary to understand both the detrimental effects of shade as well as cultural practices which can be used to minimize those effects.

Cultural Practices to minimize moss are:

  • Proper watering and drainage. Not allowing water to pool.
  • Manage compaction with core aeration.
  • Increase sun exposure. Tree removal or pruning of trees and shrubs.
  • Lawns need lime when low soil pH starts inhibiting the availability of nutrients.  Lime restores balance in overly acidic soil to bring pH back to optimal growing levels. Poor grass growth, bare areas and lawn moss are signs that lawns need lime.
  • Regular Mowing
  • Reseeding to allow the grass to out compete the moss.

Changes to the moss’s environment disrupts its ability to grow and thrive.


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