Damage from Voles

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Homeowners are often unaware of the activity occurring beneath the snow, until damage becomes apparent with snow melt in March or April.

When the snow recedes and the turf first becomes visible in the spring, vole damage can appear dramatic, especially when coupled with other issues such as low temperature injury or snow mold. Tracks and holes are primarily caused by feeding, additional damage is caused by wear from vole traffic. 

However, voles feed only on turfgrass shoots.  The vital crown tissue and root system are typically not disturbed. Very often, grass plants will re-grow in the damaged areas as the weather warms. Practices that can encourage rapid recovery include thorough raking and a light application of fertilizer. For extra insurance or repair of areas that do not recover acceptably, overseed with a compatible mix of grasses.

Read More: https://ag.umass.edu/turf/fact-sheets/vole-damage-to-lawns