7 Benefits to a Healthy Lawn

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Did you know that managed landscapes including the everyday lawn also provides a host of benefits? What are the benefits of a lawn?

  1. Filters & Captures Runoff
    Grass slows down and absorbs runoff. Rainwater filtered through a healthy lawn can be 10 times less acidic than water running off a hard surface
  2. Reduces Heat
    Grass dissipates the heat island effect caused from asphalt. Lawns can be 30 degrees cooler than asphalt and 20 degrees cooler than bare soil!
  3. Improves Air Quality
    Grass play a vital role in capturing dust, smoke particles and other pollutants. Without grass, these pollutants will remain in the air we breathe.
  4. Absorbs Carbon Dioxide
    Lawns are the largest carbon sink in the U.S., which sucks up and stores greenhouse gas carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
  5. Generates Oxygen
    2,500 sq. ft. of grass releases enough oxygen for a family of four to breathe!
  6. Supports Biodiversity
    Grass, trees, shrubs and other plants provide food and habitat for birds and small mammals.
  7. Controls Soil Erosion
    Grass controls erosion through its natural, dense, and fibrous root system. Without grass, soil erodes into streams and lakes limiting how sunlight penetrates the water.