Save $75 on Lime, Seeding & Aeration.

Summer time can be harsh on your lawn.  With this year’s hot weather and droughts due to local water bans, your home’s grass may need revitalization.

Now, you can quickly and easily get your lawn ready for the winter along with planting the seeds for a brighter, longer, and thicker green grass for spring next year.

Our “Fall Fix Up” Lawn Care Special Includes:

  • Lime Application
    • Strengthen Grass Roots
    • Helps Fight Weeds
  • Over-Seeding
    • Fill-In Bare or Thinning Grass Areas
    • Slice Seeding Creates the Perfect Bed for Growth Next Spring
  • Aeration
    • Improve Water, Nutrient & Sunlight Flow to the Roots
    • Supports Thick, Beautiful, & Strong Grass Growth.
But You Better Hurry. This is a Limited-Time Special Offer!
Act by September 30th & Save $75.
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